Packaging confectionery with confectionery packaging machines from LoeschPack

Only with perfect packaging does your confectionery unleash its full effect. LoeschPack offers innovative full-service system solutions to make this possible. Our confectionery packaging machines are a byword for innovative engineering and top packaging speed. Working with LoeschPack represents the ideal way to boost your value chain. We pack your confectionery – from sherbert or compressed tablets to glucose sweets and all the way to round wine gums. Our product range includes roll wrapping machines for hard or soft tablet-shaped lozenges such as wine gums. Your product is round, oval, multi-sided, quadratic, rectangular or curved? There are no limits to what can be achieved with machinery from LoeschPack. Alongside roll wrapping machines, our products include buffering and feeding systems and fold wrapping machines for primary and secondary packaging of your confectionery. We also offer an extensive range of downstream equipment, such as top loading and display cartoners. As a specialist for cellophane wrapping machines for multipacks or filled chocolate boxes, we’re sure to have the right solution for your needs. Get in touch today and find out all you need to know about our packaging solutions...

Our packaging solutions for confectionery

When it comes to packaging confectionery, LoeschPack has the specialist expertise that over almost 100 years has made the company a leading special-purpose machinery engineer in the industry. Global players and medium-sized producers alike now put their trust in our packaging machines and system solutions as key elements of their value chain. We have the right equipment for all your requirements. Our RPM-S wrapping machine for confectionery operates in the high performance range and packs up to 400 rolls of tablet-shaped products a minute, making us a market leader in the industry. Our horizontal flow wrapping machines pack your products in single and multipacks. For your display cartons, our WKM-2 “wrap-around” display cartoner offers a solution that meets the highest requirements relating to quality and efficiency. And these are just some of the applications on offer.

Our confectionery package styles

LoeschPack offers creative freedom to design pack styles. Confectionery products promise freshness and taste. To ensure this promise is kept, the packaging must offer maximum tightness, ideal aroma protection, a long shelf life and innovative pack styles. And that’s exactly what the packaging machines from LoeschPack do – almost all types of packaging can be produced, from primary packaging to the sales tray. Together with you, LoeschPack develops the right packaging for your product and guarantees the best packaging design and the highest quality. The broad range of formats and performance classes also makes it easy to find the ideal solution for custom applications, and thus for greater efficiency and quality when packaging confectionery. The LoeschPack machine range covers all commercial formats; beyond this, niche solutions are also no problem. Be inspired by our packaging specialists...

Confectionery package styles

Value creation with confectionery packaging machines: LoeschPack delivers end-to-end solutions

LoeschPack offers innovative end-to-end system solutions. Our packaging machines and systems help to grow your success. Need feeders, distributors and buffers or primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging? Our system components support you throughout the value chain.


LoeschPack integrates the equipment upstream in the value chain with unique expertise in the downstream packaging machine and takes care of the interfaces. 

Feeding and distribution 

Feeder systems transport your products from the processing systems to the packaging machinery in a controlled manner. Innovative product storage systems ensure maximum efficiency.

Buffering and feeding systems

Primary packaging 

At the primary packaging stage, the confectionery is packed using roll wrapping or flow wrapping machines in one or more consecutive steps. Depending on the machine type, one or more packaging materials are possible. This is followed by optional grouping or collection of the products in multipacks.

Fold wrapping machines Horizontal flow wrapping machines

Secondary packaging

At the secondary packaging stage, the products in primary packaging are wrapped in one or more packaging materials such as aluminium foil, PP or OPP film, cardboard label or cellophane. Monopacks or multipacks are possible. Available types include fold wrapping, flow wrapping and three side sealed packs.

Fold wrapping machines Horizontal flow wrapping machines

End-of-line packaging

Fully packed confectionery products are placed in open or closed folding cartons, trays or display cartons at the tertiary packaging stage. If required, we wrap the filled cartons in cellophane.

Cartoning machines

Final packaging

At the final packaging stage, the packed confectionery products are prepared for dispatch using downstream equipment integrated in the process chain, for example in shipping cartons or on pallets.