Packaging Chocolate


In the packaging of chocolate LoeschPack is the premium supplier of fold-wrapping machinery for all kinds of large and small bars, tablets and napolitanwhether they…

Packaging Chocolate
Packaging Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

When it comes to packaging classical tabs of chewing gum, gum stripes or gum pellets our customers can also select from a wide spectrum of machinery with high range…

Packaging Chewing Gum
Packaging Confectionery


A Loesch packages hard and soft compressed tablets, dextrose, cut wine gum tablets, whether they are round, oval, polygonal, square, rectangular or convex.

Packaging Confectionery
packaging biscuits


LoeschPack is also well positioned in the field of dry baked goods. A Loesch packages cookies, cracker, biscuits, wafers, enroped Chocolate Chips...

Packaging Dry Baked Goods
packaging food


Foods are your passion – perfect packaging of your premium food products is ours! Machinery and systems from LoeschPack give your products the right look.

Packaging Food
packaging non food


Your non-food products perfectly packed – thanks to machinery and systems from LoeschPack. We deliver the packaging solution to meet your needs.

Packaging Non-Food