Packaging wine gums

LoeschPack offers creative freedom to design pack styles. Confectionery products promise freshness and taste. To ensure this promise is kept, the packaging must offer maximum tightness, ideal aroma protection, a long shelf life and innovative pack styles. And that’s exactly what the wine gums packaging machines from LoeschPack do – almost all types of packaging can be produced, from primary packaging to the sales tray. Together with you, LoeschPack develops the right packaging for your product and guarantees the best packaging design and the highest quality. The broad range of formats and performance classes also makes it easy to find the ideal solution for custom applications, and thus for greater efficiency and quality when packaging confectionery. The LoeschPack machine range covers all commercial formats; beyond this, niche solutions are also no problem. Be inspired by our packaging specialists...

Wine gums packaging machines from LoeschPack:

Fold wrapping machines

Flow wrapping machines

Cartoning machines