Packaging dry baked goods with machines from LoeschPack

Premium products deserve premium equipment. You supply your customers with biscuit products and dry baked goods that satisfy the highest standards of taste and quality – we supply the right machinery and systems to package your products. Our solutions get to work directly downstream of your processing systems to ensure your products are packed safely, quickly and gently. LoeschPack is your full-service partner for everything from feeder and distribution systems to point-of-sale packaging. We ensure that all interfaces operate smoothly – which is why we work closely with the industry’s most prestigious companies. Our dry baked goods packaging machines particularly excel when it comes to the gentle handling of your products. We have the right application for primary and secondary packaging of your dry baked goods. Whatever products you need to package, LoeschPack supplies custom equipment to package round, rectangular, quadratic or figure-shaped cookies, biscuits, crackers, sponge cakes and wafers. As the ideal counterpart to our tray loading systems, horizontal flow wrapping machines and feeder and distribution systems, we partner with one of the most prestigious suppliers of biscuit feeders on special-purpose applications. You receive a solution that is tailor-made for your product. Interested in discovering how working with LoeschPack could benefit your company? Then get in touch today and find out all you need to know from our packaging specialists...

Our packaging solutions for dry baked goods

Packaging dry baked goods requires specialist expertise, which LoeschPack has worked to develop continuously throughout the almost 100 years of its existence. Companies of all sizes now put their trust in our packaging machines and system solutions as key elements of their value chain. Our machinery excels with top product protection and the highest performance figures. Of particular note in the primary packaging segment are our FCB horizontal flow wrapping machine and the LCM fold wrapping machine for small piece goods, complemented by our T-Series tray loader solutions. We offer maximum flexibility in format changeovers and machinery that meets the highest standards of hygiene. Don’t fancy leaving your product packaging to chance? No problem, we’ve got the right solution for your requirements.

Value creation: end-to-end solutions from LoeschPack

We deliver innovative system solutions. Our packaging machines and systems help to grow your success. Need feeders, distributors, buffers, loaders or primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging? Our system components support you throughout the value chain.


With unique expertise, we integrate the equipment upstream in the value chain in the downstream packaging machine and take care of all interfaces.

Feeding and distribution 

Our feeder systems transport your dry baked goods from the processing systems to the packaging machine in a controlled manner.

Primary packaging and loading

At the primary packaging stage, your dry baked goods are packed in trays, fold wraps or flow packs in one or more consecutive steps. Depending on the machine type, one or more packaging materials are possible. This is followed by optional grouping or collection of the products in multipacks.

Secondary packaging

At the secondary packaging stage, the products in primary packaging are wrapped in one or more packaging materials such as aluminium foil, PP or OPP film, cardboard label or cellophane. Monopacks or multipacks are possible.

End-of-line packaging

At the end-of-line packaging stage, fully packed dry baked goods are placed in open or closed folding carton trays or display cartons. If required, we wrap the filled cartons in cellophane.

Final packaging

At the final packaging stage, the packed dry baked goods are prepared for dispatch using downstream equipment integrated in the process chain, for example in shipping cartons or on pallets.