Gondola buffering system LOOP

High-performance gondola buffering system for buffer and product flow control in the food sector

The LOOP-GB gondola buffering system is suitable for a wide range of pre-packed or unpacked products and features a large and variable size range. It guarantees gentle product handling by reducing gondola vibration and consistently helping to prevent mechanical forces act on the product. The gondola buffer system harmonises incoming product flows depending on its positioning in the feeding and distribution system, and adjusts them as required. This counterbalances output fluctuations in the downstream packaging area, enables brief temporary holding of products and prevents the packaging machines from overflowing.

The LOOP-GB can also be used to feed packaging machines directly or interlink various levels within a production facility. By uncoupling the moulding unit and the packaging machine, the overall line performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are considerably increased compared to a coupled process. The LOOP-GB’s feeding and discharge rate of up to 160 rows a minute represents worldclass performance in the industry.

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Special advantages of our gondola buffering system:

  • Highest performance in this segment
  • Best hygiene and security architecture
  • Ideal system component for increasing line OEE

Packing these products:



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Dry baked goods

Customer benefits: our success key factors in gondola buffer systems

  • Highest hygiene standards: easy and time-saving cleaning at long intervals
  • The highest standards for superior reliability: stable, sophisticated and premium-quality design.
  • Long service intervals
  • Intelligent high-performance feeding with gentle product handling
  • Vibration-reducing machine and software design
  • Outstanding maintenance and cleaning accessibility
  • Toolless gondola and belt changes
  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Ideal system component in line combination with upstream or downstream equipment from LoeschPack, with ideal system integration (feeding, primary packaging)

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