Fold wrapping machine LTM-K-SA

Machine for fold wrapping of individual packs and multipacks into cardboard labels

The flexible fold wrapping machine for wrapping of piece-goods in multipacks at high speeds of up to 150 packages per minute. The machine is primarily used in the confectionery and food industry. Chocolate bars, tablets and similar products of cuboid shape are grouped in cardboard labels.


Special advantages:

  • High flexibility through fast changeovers
  • High availability
  • Space-saving because of compact built



Packing these products:



Non food




Dauerbackwaren verpacken Icon

Dry baked goods

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • Well-established, robust machine design
  • Cam-controlled with central lubrication, low-maintenance
  • Computer optimized, special hardened cams
  • Machine design adapted to the specific requirements of the confectionery and food industry
  • Wide size range
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Modular built, robust machine construction in front plate design
  • Single and double row packages
  • Mixed wrapping due to special feed devices
  • Various types of folding and closing
  • Inexpensive wrapping materials due to use of flat blanks
  • Fast change-over
  • High hygiene standard
  • Very high efficiency
  • Space-saving due to compact design

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