Fold wrapping machine GW06

Automatic high performance fold wrapping machine for TabGum (mini sticks)

The excellent packaging machine for fold wrapping TabGum sticks at highest Speeds of up to 2,500 sticks per minute. The machine is used for wrapping of single sticks which are then grouped in layers and passed on for further packing. Combination with LoeschPack multipack cartoning machines LRM-DUO, LTM/2-KG-DUO, LTM/2-K and LTM-KG-DUO or horizontal horizontal flow wrappers.


Special advantages:

  • Consistently excellent packaging quality
  • High speeds of up to 2,500 sticks a minute
  • Top performance for TabGum packaging
  • Ideal system component when combining machines for innovative multipacks
  • Flexible processing of various chewing gum degrees of hardness



Packing these products:

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Chewing gum

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • Modular, particularly innovative machine design adapted to the specific requirements of the chewing gum industry; machine concept in “Corporate Design” with integrated control cabinet
  • LOGMIP + GW06: Focus in development process on format flexible machine execution, optimized accessibility and adjustability
  • Highest speeds of up to 2,500 sticks per minute
  • High availability due to inherently safe design (fast “trouble shooting”)
  • Manual, semi-automated slab feeding device or fully automated feeding with storage device as a complete system solution (optional)
  • Depending on application: Operation with “separator rollers” instead of “breaking reel” to separate the single sticks (especially for the operation with “multi-layer gum”)
  • Continuously running wrapping head and feeding of packing material
  • Depending on application: Interface module for downstream LoeschPack Multipack cartoning machines and display cartoning machines (also “in-line” configurations feasible)
  • High flexibility in the grouping section (3-8 Tab Gums)
  • High hygienic and ergonomics standard by full separation of drive and product areas. Easy to clean and maintain with flap and sliding parts

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