Candy wrap machine RPM-S

Automatic highspeed candy wrap machine

Completely new, modular, and ultramodern roll packing system with particularly product-friendly loading mechanisms and the RPM-S core machine. Hermetically sealed roll wrapping at the highest speeds for candies such as round chocolate products (up to 300 rolls/min.) and tablet-shaped products (up to 350 rolls/min.).

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Special advantages of our candy wrap machine

  • Extremely gentle product handling
  • Tightly sealed roll packs
  • Maximum format and pack style flexibility
  • Highest performance range

Packing these products:

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Chewing gum

Customer benefits with our candy wrap machine: our success key factors

  • Modular, particularly innovative machine design adapted to the specific requirements of roll wrapping
  • Transfer and transport to packing head using servo motor driven, two line intermittent bar conveyor (race track principle)
  • Modular packing head for various types of folds and seals
  • Continuous feeding of packing material via servo pickoff with cutting device
  • Product discharge as cog belt transport with pushers
  • Servo drives for all important functions
  • Highest speeds of 300 chocolate rolls/min. and 350 tab rolls/min. with high efficiency
  • Excellent, optionally hermetically sealed roll wrapping with cold-sealed longitudinal seam and ends. Easy size change with modular design
  • Uniform product alignment for tight, compact packs and high-quality appearance
  • Particularly product-friendly handling, especially of chocolate products at high speeds. Reduction in number of touch points
  • Combination with semi or fully-automated product feeding systems
  • High hygienic and ergonomic standard by full separation of drive and product area. Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • High availability and machine safety
  • Very attractive price-performance ratio
  • Direct combination with Loesch display cartoning machines

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