Chocolate bar wrapping machine RCB-HS

High-performance horizontal chocolatebar wrapping machine for hermetically sealed chocolate products

The RCB-HS is ideal for small chocolate products, combining a hermetically sealed pack style with a traditional fold wrap look. The performance system offers a new and innovative way to pack chocolate bars, tablets and napolitans in a premium look, at the same time ensuring excellent product protection from environmental influences. Consumers can enjoy products with longer shelf lives and improved taste and texture.

With excellent performance of up to 600 products a minute, the RCB-HS in this combination is unique in the chocolate sector. The machine produces the fold wrap in one wrapping head and hot-seals the pack circumferentially. The heat bars always seal film against film, ensuring extremely tight packaging and preventing any damage to the products. Folding elements then produce the traditional fold wrap. The conscious decision to dispense with any use of glue to seal the pack reduces soiling of the machine, minimises running costs and simplifies machine operation.

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Customer benefits with our chocolate bar wrapper machine for hermetically sealed chocolate products

  • Short size changeover times of approx. one hour, depending on size change. All settings can be fully reproduced, ensuring rapid stable operation, start-up issues minimized.
  • Highest hygiene standards: easy and time-saving cleaning at long intervals
  • The highest standards for superior reliability: stable, sophisticated and premium-quality design.
  • Long service intervals
  • No hot-setting glue used to seal the pack
  • High-performance smart infeed with gentle product handling
  • Ideal conveying, as belts are locked in position
  • Sealing operations only foil against foil; no product contact
  • Use of just one packaging materia
  • Outstanding maintenance and cleaning accessibility
  • Largely toolless size and belt change
  • Easy size changeover
  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Ideal system component in line combination with upstream or downstream equipment from LoeschPack, with perfect system integration (feeding, secondary packaging, end-of-line packaging)

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