Roll wrapping machine RPM for vitamin tablets and dextrose

Roll and stick wrapping machine for dextrose and vitamin tablets

The excellent machines for roll wrapping of round, tablet shaped products and for stick wrapping of square products at high speeds of up to 250 packages per minute. The machines are primarily used in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries for roll and stick wrapping of round or square products such as hard and soft comprimates, vitamin tablets, dextrose, dragees, gummies and liquorice.

Packing these products:

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Chewing gum

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • Tight package, excellent wrapping quality
  • Special models for special product shapes and properties (e.g. sherbet tablets)
  • Second packaging material for band wrap possible
  • Easy changeover for other package contents
  • High hygiene standard
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance through optimum accessibility
  • High availability and long life

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