Horizontal flow wrapping machines "Made in Germany"

You want to package chocolate, chewing gum or dry baked goods efficiently and sustainably? Your exacting performance and availability requirements for the necessary machinery determine your decision to go for a packaging machine or a full packaging system? Then we’ve got the right solution – F-Series from LoeschPack, the manufacturer of horizontal flow wrapping machines.

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Flexible horizontal flow wrap machines from LoeschPack

Confectionery, food or non-food products – we design our flow wrapping machines to your specific needs and product packaging requirements. You’re in good hands with LoeschPack system solutions for unpacked, pre-packed items or products in multipacks. To find out more, get in contact today and discuss your project with our experts.

Our flow wrapping machines

Your benefits with horizontal flow wrapping machines from LoeschPack:

  • Maximum availability thanks to extremely short size changeover times of under 15 minutes and minimised start-up issues
  • Self-regulating control architecture and intelligent sealing technology ensure efficiency and resistance to a wide range of environmental influences.
  • System ergonomics with good machinery accessibility and toolless belt change.
  • Compact modular design, enabling ideal integration of system components with upstream and downstream equipment in a LoeschPack line combination.
  • Easy interface integration with buffer systems, feeder modules, secondary packaging and final packaging.

Performance, efficiency and size flexibility – synonyms for LoeschPack horizontal flow wrapping machines

The F-Series packaging machines made by Loesch Verpackungstechnik feature excellent performance, outstanding overall equipment effectiveness and great size flexibility, all combined with low packaging costs. Depending on the application, the high-performance platform can output up to 1,500 products with a film speed of up to 150 metres a minute. Both heat and cold sealing film can be used in the process Extremely short size changeover times of under 15 minutes within one size range and precisely reproducible settings guarantee stable machine operation after only a very short time. Especially with frequent size changes, your company benefits from the efficiency increases LoeschPack horizontal flow wrapping machines offer. The F-Series sets standards: the machines feature sophisticated sensor engineering, an innovative control architecture and self-regulating sealing technology. Our technical edge advances your business: the self-regulating control architecture enables fully automatic parameter adjustment during operation – from electronically controlled product feeding to product discharge. That makes you less dependent on fluctuating environmental factors that impact on the machine’s output performance. Automatic sealing technology also ensures fewer rejects when changing speeds and when stopping and starting the packaging machine.

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