Horizontal form fill seal machine FCB

High-performance horizontal form fill seal machine for primary packaging of chocolate bars, granola bars and protein bars

Innovative and modular horizontal form fill seal machine (HFFS machine) from LoeschPack’s F-Series with highly efficient infeed unit and FCB core machine. The new product offers compelling performance of up to 1,500 products per minute (depending on application), outstanding overall equipment effectiveness and excellent format flexibility combined with low packaging costs. Perfectly suited for packaging sticky products such as cereal bars and protein bars.


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Special advantages of our horizontal form fill seal machine:

  • Maximum availability
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Ideal system ergonomics
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Packages sticky products such as granola bars or protein bars

Packing these products:

Sweets verpacken Icon




Non food


Kaugummi verpacken Icon

Chewing gum



Dauerbackwaren verpacken Icon

Dry baked goods

Customer benefits: Horizontal form fill seal machine FCB by LoeschPack

  • Extremely short format changeover times of under 15 minutes within one size range. All settings can be fully reproduced, ensuring rapid stable operation, start-up issues minimized.
  • Autosplice as standard guarantees maximum availability.
  • Highest hygiene standards: easy and time-saving cleaning at long intervals.
  • The highest standards for superior reliability: stable, sophisticated and premium-quality design.
  • Long service intervals. 
  • Intelligent control: self-regulating control architecture enables automatic parameter adjustment for fluctuating factors during operation (e.g. temperature, humidity, product characteristics) – from intelligent product feeding to product discharge.
  • Fewer rejects when changing speed (e.g. stopping or starting) thanks to intelligent sealing technology. 
  • Toolless belt change.
  • Outstanding maintenance accessibility.
  • Space-saving and compact modular design.
  • Ideal system component in line combination with upstream and downstream equipment from LoeschPack, with perfect system integration (buffer systems, feeder systems, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging).

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