Tray loading system LOKEM

Flexible automatic tray loading system

The patented system for fully automatic filling of single and multi-rowed trays. Primarily used in the confectionery and dry baked goods industry for handling of delicate products with large dimensional and shape tolerances. Biscuits, cookies and chocolate products are packed at high speed of up to 800 products per minute. The products can be arranged in the tray standing on edge, in flat or shingled position according to requirement.

Packing these products:



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Dry baked goods

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • Modular designed machine layout adapted to the specific requirements of the confectionery and dry baked goods industry
  • Execution as single- or double module (LOKEM-DUO); however, each module is an independent system
  • Solid and robust machine construction
  • All parts of the machine in touch with the prout of stainless steal; all belts in food quality, GMP execution
  • Rotating knife edge controls, scrapers, collecting pans.
  • Highly dynamic servo drives for feeding belts and tray loader.
  • Very flexible system: packing pattern programmable, easy and quick adjustment of a few elements for change-overs
  • Very careful product handling through pressureless feeding and counting of the products without grippers or separating devices
  • Exact number of products at all times even with irregular production
  • High hygiene standard
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very high availability of the entire system
  • Adjustable for every application due to modular design
  • Optimum access to all parts of the installation
  • Most attractive price-performance ratio

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