F-Series stands for top flow pack performance

Loesch Verpackungstechnik is exhibiting at PACK EXPO International in Chicago from October 14-17, 2018. The company is presenting its FCB horizontal flow wrapping machine to accredited visitors in the South Building, stand S-2896. As an alternative to the flow pack, the company product range also has a concept solution for packaging small-sized chocolate products with impressively high availability, efficiency and flexibility: the RCB-HS wrapping head machine.

At PACK EXPO, the company will present its FCB high-performance flow wrapping machine. The modular packaging system from the LoeschPack F series has an efficient feeding system and can package up to 1500 products per minute in flow packs, depending on the application. “Our solution features high overall system efficiency and performance for low packaging material costs,” said Dr Thomas Cord, CEO of the German packaging machine company. In addition to packaging chocolate, the platform is ideal for biscuits, dry baked goods, chewing gum and a wide variety of other food or non-food items sold in pieces. “The highlight of the F series machines is their high level of format flexibility. The changeover between different formats can be carried out virtually without tools. This results in short format changeover times of less than 15 minutes, making the new development extremely appealing for our customers in an environment of intensifying competition,” explained Cord, listing further benefits. LoeschPack has also retained its space-saving, compact modular design in the F series. “Another point in favor of our FCB is its material-saving operation. By using intelligent process engineering for the seal modules, we have fewer rejects when stopping and starting the packaging machine,” he added. This makes the F series more resistant to varying ambient conditions. The self-optimizing sealing process control that reacts to changing influences by automatically making parameter adjustments during operation is responsible for this. In addition, the product line features top hygiene characteristics, meaning fewer interruptions for cleaning.

With its next development step for the platform, LoeschPack will expand the range of products in the F series. Cord explained that LoeschPack would like to deliver a needs-compatible system to each customer that serves the specific product mix. “Long-dwell” is one of the firm’s latest developments. “The function enables longer seal times for cross-sealing, improving product protection with higher packaging tightness,” he said.

Top-performing system solutions

“The packaging machines in our F series can be optimally integrated into a system with storage, feeder, secondary and end-of-line packaging from LoeschPack. It is also possible to combine the flow wrapping machine with our fold wrapping machine,” said Cord by way of explaining the company’s orientation as a supplier of complete packaging systems. For over three years now, the F series flow wrapping machines have been successfully positioned in the market. From individual machines to major systems with buffers, feeders and cartoning machines, the machines have been integrated into the value chains of LoeschPack customers worldwide.

Top performance with high product protection

At PACK EXPO, LoeschPack will also be presenting its RCB-HS wrapping head machine for packaging small chocolate items in fold wraps. “The product combines high performance, product protection and a premium look,” said the company CEO. For small chocolate products in particular, the RCB-HS offers an outstanding total package consisting of a hermetically tight package, the classical fold wrap look and a wide range of formats. “The high-performance machine packages chocolate bars, tablets and neapolitans in premium fold wrap, ensuring high product protection at the same time,” said Cord. With excellent performance of up to 600 packaged products per minute, the RCB-HS sets a chocolate sector benchmark. In an open fold variant, the machine even achieves speeds of up to 800 products per minute. Since the machine was launched at interpack 2017, the company has been working systematically to further develop the R series and expand the product range with regard to format, fold, and performance parameters. “We have an established machine platform that completely satisfies our customers’ needs,” added Cord.

About Loesch Verpackungstechnik

LoeschPack is a technology and innovation leader in packaging machines and complete systems for packaging chocolate, chewing gum, confectionery, dry baked goods, food and non-food products. In this dynamic industry, LoeschPack has been a byword for the highest quality standards, flexible and economical system solutions and all-around global service with innovative service products since 1919. In the near future, the technology firm from Altendorf in Upper Franconia will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Like its affiliate Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH is part of the German family-run business Piepenbrock. Founded in 1913, the company is currently headed by the fourth generation of the family, managing partners Olaf and Arnulf Piepenbrock. Its affiliate Hastamat is also active in packaging machine engineering. The company in Lahnau develops and manufactures vertical flow wrapping machines, multihead weighers and systems for stacked chips.

Together with affiliate company Hastamat, joint packaging systems and solutions for a wide range of packaging tasks will be on display at PACK EXPO, in line with the motto “Packaging your ideas…”.

Product range:

> Feeding systems
> Robotic pick and place systems
> Tray loading systems
> Fold wrapping machines
> Roll and stick wrapping machines
> Horizontal flow wrapping systems
> Carton erecting and filling machines
> Complete packaging lines