LoeschPack launches new website

Loesch Verpackungstechnik is relaunching its website with a new look. It has been optimised for use on mobile devices, in line with current user trends. A new product finder, a clear and lighter coloured layout and fully revised text are other new features.

A month before interpack 2017, LoeschPack is launching its redesigned website. The website at www.loeschpack.com comes with an array of new features: A totally newly developed product finder guides potential buyers step by step to the right machine for their needs. A three-level system classifies the company’s almost 30 different packaging machines and lines by their precise area of application, allowing customers to home in on their specific choice. Machine teasers then provide a concise resource featuring imagery, specification data and customer benefit listings for the individual products. “We have focussed heavily on content and usability. We want visitors to be guided intuitively to our high-grade information resources, exactly matching their needs,” comments Olaf Piepenbrock, Managing Partner of LoeschPack’s parent company Piepenbrock. The text and imagery is supported by high-quality new video material showing LoeschPack packaging lines in action.

Responsive language talent

The new website is based on the Typo3 technology platform, and has been programmed for flexible viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Much faster loading compared to the old site is an added benefit for users. “As an international business, we have significantly expanded our language portfolio too: In addition to English, landing pages are now provided in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian”, reports Piepenbrock. LoeschPack was provided with professional help and support in designing and implementing its new website by Osnabrück-based communications and media agency medienweite, as well as the ranketing agency in Kerken. Working in close collaboration, ideas for the redesign were devised and a detailed requirements profile for the new online presence was drawn up. “A modern, user-friendly website is key to a company’s success. We are delighted that the new site has now gone live after all the intensive work we have put into it,” Olaf Piepenbrock concludes.