Our Service

The five pillars of perfect service

Worthwhile solutions you can count on the fingers of one hand – five, the new LoeschPack service programme.

five defines our services throughout the life cycle of your LoeschPack machinery. Services which make your production more efficient and secure. Services that enable you to stay flexible and keep your costs fully under control.

You know that with LoeschPack you benefit from first-class packaging technology. With five you can now also be sure that you will receive the best possible service for your plant or machinery.

Pre-Sales Service

Five begins even before you decide to invest in a LoeschPack machine. On request we will set up a test installation at your works, producing samples with original material – in other words a test under real production conditions. On the basis of the data gained we analyse cost effectiveness and of course check on improvement potential. We also offer suggestions on packaging design, for example with regard to different kinds of openings, combinations of materials and machinability.  Operational at a fixed price

With the assembly work you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs either, because when this is agreed at a firm price you have an agreement you can rely on. There is a clear definition of who is responsible for what. In other words we deliver the machine, you transfer it to the assembly location and make power supply and compressed air available there. We take care of the rest.

Installation and commissioning

Your new LoeschPack machine will integrate smoothly with your production operations. We take care of this with trouble-free commissioning. At the latest one week before the agreed delivery date we carry out an acceptance test (”FAT“) at our works – at which you can be present if you wish. Here we demonstrate that the equipment meets your requirements down to the last detail and has the required performance values. At the same time any final modifications you request are implemented. After that you can immediately approve packing materials and products for production operations, which shortens the running- in phase. The cost of the test run is at our expense.

Customer approval at the operational location (”SAT“) is in accordance with the recognised DIN norm or the contractually agreed criteria. The acceptance procedure is documented in detail and takes about four hours. After that you receive a comprehensive acceptance report, giving you the security of knowing that everything is functioning as required. Now your production can go live!
Individual Training

Well-trained operators are essential for ensuring that you can start operations with our plant and machinery without any delay. We take care of this.
Documented from A-Z

A detailed and easily understood product description is always supplied as standard. This documentation of course complies with CE and DIN guidelines, with additional clarity provided by the display of functional modules and the optional video documentation.

Production operations

Your new LoeschPack machine will increase the efficiency of your production and five makes sure that it stays that way. Right around the globe, right around the clock. With our worldwide service organisation we aren't far away - wherever you are. You can contact us 24 hours a day via an international hotline. The worldwide service is managed via regional service support points, which means that no matter where you are located, we will come to you.
Efficient teleservice

On request we can connect your machine to our service departments, either via the analogue telephone network, via ISDN or a VPN tunnel. Regardless of whether it involves fault identification, diagnosis, maintenance, data analysis or optimisation – you can be sure that your machine will receive optimum monitoring.
Fast supply of spare parts

LoeschPack reacts fast, shipping spare parts by overnight courier, by post or via our technicians - depending on urgency. Our hotline is accessible to you round-the-clock.

Upgrade and efficiency

Those who stay flexible win. With upgrades from Loesch- Pack you stay flexible.

Whether it's a glueing head, printer, sensor or modified software for different packaging configuration – you can cleverly enhance and extend your plant and machinery over many years. Even entire format conversions for new types of packaging and products are possible. Everything is a perfect fit and functions as if made to measure. Everything perfectly matched and from the same source.

The implementation of the project – regardless of whether it is shipping a spare part or an individual development – is recorded in detail, with all items and prices being listed and explained. This means you always have a full overview of your orders in voices and payments, giving you full control over your costs.

Service organisation and guarantee

five ensures that you are satisfied with your machinery for many years to come. This is the purpose of our guarantee.

Under our guarantee free repairs and machine parts are of course covered – and only in original quality. We don’t use cheap replacements. 

You will be able to order original parts from us for a guaranteed period of at least 10 years. However, we ensure the availability of the parts even after this period. And then? It’s quite simple – you have the option of extending the general guarantee contract for a further full year in each case. This means not just reliability at the technical level but also the possibility of calculating your costs with precision over a period of many years.