Innovative packaging machines "made in Germany"

When it comes to packaging chocolate, LoeschPackhas the specialist expertise which for almost 100 years has made the company a leading machinery engineer in the industry. Global players and medium-sized producers now put their trust in the packaging machines and system solutions from LoeschPack. Fold wrapping, packing, loading, feeding and cartoning demand specialist knowledge. Our employees are specialists with deep understanding of the challenges they face in production operations. We understand our customers’ businesses – at all levels of the company, from management via the engineer to the skilled worker. We promote this full understanding of our work in a climate of personal responsibility. Flat, transparent hierarchies ensure an unbureaucratic atmosphere and quick decision- making. Integrated project management and the involvement of all involved areas of the business guarantee maximum transparency, quality and lean processes. You can trust our machinery and solutions in your value chain. We call this corporate excellence.

Innovation, technology and quality with packaging machines from LoeschPack

You’ve made the right choice in selecting packaging solutions from LoeschPack – guaranteed premium machinery quality “made in Germany” at Altendorf near Bamberg. Our highly skilled employees with many years of service in the company stand for technical excellence and maximum in-house vertical integration. As innovation leaders in the packaging industry, we always listen carefully to our customers, turning their many different packaging ideas into workable technical solutions. Clearly defined machine platforms with a wide range of standardised modules guarantee customers full compliance with their applications – with short project turnaround times. That’s what we understand by “packaging your ideas”. LoeschPack is flexible, manufactures quality products and stands out with maximum overall performance. As a customer of LoeschPack, you benefit from our unique pre-sales service in addition to our reliable after-sales service. Our customer care policy guarantees rapid response times in sales and services – anywhere in the world.

Keeping production costs down

Packaging machines and systems from LoeschPack offer maximum quality, premium performance and ultimate efficiency. We solve packaging challenges and don’t just sell machines by price lists or discounts. The reliability of our packaging machines “made in Germany” means lower production costs in your process for entire useful life of the machinery. By choosing LoeschPack, you ensure that production costs are kept as low as possible.

Professional teamwork

Customers around the world value the expertise LoeschPack offers in solving highly complex challenges. We work with them to create not just innovative machinery but also entirely new approaches to packaging which open up new opportunities in presenting merchandise and considerably enhance product convenience. At the test center inaugurated directly adjacent to our production facilities in 2014, you can try out our machines and provide your staff with comprehensive training. We create samples and carry out test runs with original materials– also in customer formats. Using the data this generates, we analyse the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of your individual project. We also review any opportunities for improvement and make suggestions relating to the packaging design, for example in terms of opening methods, material combinations and machine utilisation.

Carbon-neutral packaging

Sustainability occupies a key position across the Piepenbrock Group – naturally also at LoeschPack. The company underscores its commitment to the environment by using carbon-neutral packaging, positioning itself as a machinery engineering enterprise that champions sustainability. For some years, LoeschPack has enjoyed a first-mover advantage by offering carbon-neutral packaging machines. The company offsets emissions released during the value creation process through climate protection projects. This has been confirmed by official certification. In addition, the Piepenbrock Group has to date planted more than 37,000 trees in the company’s own woodlands in Rheinshagen, thereby guaranteeing carbon-neutral operation of the packaging machines at customers’ production facilities. In research and development, LoeschPack focuses on the systematic reduction of energy consumption and technical optimisation of packaging machinery for the use of bio-degradable films. The sustainability report published by the Piepenbrock Group provides detailed information on the topic of sustainability management at LoeschPack.