Fold wrapping machines

Ingenious packaging attracts attention. This applies in particular to small and large chocolate tablets in especially high-quality fold wrapping. With its flexible and economical machinery LoeschPack makes sure that this ingenuity pays off. The LoeschPack fold wrapping machines enable a wide range of fold types, packaging materials and special designs for a perfect product presentation. This enables the efficient and eye-catching packaging of almost all kinds and shapes of large and small tablets, napolitans and multipacks.

In addition these high-end machines provide all-round product protection. Similarly to a flow pack, the product is ideally protected by innerwrap sealing. A large range of product sizes also provides a high degree of flexibility and economy. In the process individuality is guaranteed: LoeschPack optimizes complete packaging installations so that they are tailored to the required application, naturally including buffering and feeding systems, multipack machines and cartoning machines. The result is a complete solution which ensures attention getting ingenuity at the point of sale: flexible, economical – and uncompromising when it comes to quality.