Fold wrapping machine LTM-DUO

Automatic twin-station fold wrapping machine for chocolate tablets and bars

Flexible, twin station machine for all styles of fold wrapping of chocolate tablets at higher speeds of up to 215 packs per minute. The LTM-DUO is used for special requirements regarding the wrapping style e.g. for hermetically closed packages.

Special advantages:

  • Use of biopolymer packaging film possible
  • Superior product protection and highest output
  • High speeds of up to 215 tablets/bars per minute, with high efficiency
  • Maximum performance on this segment




Packing these products:

Chocolate icon


Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • Modular product infeed, distributed conveyor for removal of broken pieces, continuously running servo-driven smart belts and product separation
  • Wrapping material pickoff with automatic splice device (option)
  • Servo-driven lower belt for product-friendly bar transport to second station
  • Second station with combined paper/cardboard module (option)
  • Minimal number of format parts with fixed number of strokes, for simple replacement, high efficiency, and maximum flexibility
  • Modular built, robust machine construction in front plate design
  • Access to all areas for fault clearance, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Computer optimized, special hardened cams, with central lubrication
  • Outstanding wrapping quality. Excellent product protection with optional hermetically sealed packaging, comparable with tubular bag packaging
  • Various types of folding and sealing. Use of different packaging materials
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective size changeover and wrapping material change, e.g. from paper to cardboard envelope
  • Product-friendly with continuous conveyor belts without pressing from above
  • Excellent hygienic and ergonomic standard by full separation of drive and product areas
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Combination with semi or fully-automated product feeding systems
  • High availability

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