Buffering systems for chocolate and chewing gum "Made in Germany"

Every chocolate product requires the right buffering system. LoeschPack, the manufacturer of buffering and feeding systems, has the most important ones – the LOMATIC automatic feeding and distribution system for bars, the IR-2D two-axis transfer unit or the chicane conveyor for small-size chocolate productions, vibratory feeders for roll wrapping round chocolate pieces and feeding systems individually tailored to your application. Transfer units pick mould contents fully or in part from counter moulds or plates. The chocolate products are fed into the packaging machines by mould or row.

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Flexible buffering and feeding systems from LoeschPack

With the new LOMATIC, LoeschPack offers an excellent feeding and distribution system for higher performance ranges. The fully automated system can be integrated in the value chain following moulding and enrobing systems for the ordered feeding of packaging machines in rows. A comprehensive modular system enables the creation of ideally designed feeding systems precisely tailored to customer requirements. Any number of discharge stations, several standard belt widths, control equipment for metal content, quality and product flow, intermittent or continuous product transfer and the processing of complete mould contents with separation of rows for the discharge stations are just some examples. Optimum hygienic properties and maximum availability ensure economical operations. Prior to the discharge station, rows of products are synchronized and their correct positions are ensured.

Our buffering systems for chocolate and chewing gum

Your advantages: buffering and feeding systems from LoeschPack

Efficient storage systems

Because no packaging system can achieve 100 percent efficiency, in-house storage systems are used to cushion production peaks or product overflows and maximise the overall line efficiency. Paternoster, belt and micro storage systems are used depending on the application. Gondola buffer systems are also integrated within the machine concepts, also for direct feeding of the packaging machines. The LOOP-GB gondola buffer system is suitable for a huge range of pre-packed or unpacked products and features a large and variable size range. The new gondola buffer system harmonises incoming product flows depending on positioning in the feed and distribution system, and adjusts them as required. This counterbalances output fluctuations in the downstream packaging area, enables brief temporary holding of products and prevents the packaging machines from overflowing.

Feeding and handling: Increasing efficiency

Sheets of chewing gum are automatically unloaded from the filled trays and then separated. Pre-scored slabs are partitioned from the sheets and transferred to the downstream LOGIMP scoring and breaking machine. This obviates the need for complex, labour-intensive manual handling. The automated feeding systems results in higher machine utilisation, hygienic product handling and higher equipment availability and efficiency. Automatic feeding systems Using an appropriate recipe, the cut slabs can be directly transferred from the rolling and scoring machine. In this context, a dedicated storage and feeding system is used in which the slabs are buffered for up to 10 minutes before being channelled back into the product flow. If the maximum storage time is exceeded, slabs can be filled in trays from the storage system; onward processing is carried out manually or automatically via the separate LoeschPack tray unloader.

Sheet and slab handling: Regulating the production flow

Productive feeding systems for chewing gum and confectionery are a critical factor of success in achieving high performance and system efficiency. The specific product characteristics and the extremely high throughput rate demand the greatest repeat accuracy, exact product controls and gentle product handling. LoeschPack is the specialist in this field with decades’ worth of expertise. The LOGIMP scoring and breaking system is used upstream of the primary packaging machines for chewing gum sticks. The sticks are smoothly and precisely separated and individually transferred to the packaging machine continuously or intermittently. Vibratory feeders with feed hoppers, discharge chutes and erecting areas are used to feed roll and stick packaging machines. Each feeding system is specially designed for the product in question and features extremely gentle product handling while achieving maximum throughput and efficiency. As an alternative, belt systems are used for products which are particularly susceptible to breakage. LSB automatic tray unloading system Stick chewing gum and TabGum are usually produced on rolling and scoring machine; the individual sheets are scored to form slabs which are then stacked in trays. After cooling down, the filled trays are manually transported to the primary packaging machines. These work steps involve relatively high staffing levels and costs. The availability, performance and efficiency of the operating staff directly influence the output and efficiency of the packaging machines. The LSB tray unloading system is used to automatically feed packaging machines with up to 120 slabs a minute.

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