Automated packaging for your products

Everything ideally packaged

They taste good, they smell pleasant, they look good, and they make an impact: your products. They’re unique, too. But above all, they’re of high quality. From the feeder to the display carton, we make sure that this quality remains consistently high. With our packaging machines. They automatically package almost everything from chocolate, cookies and wafers to chewing gum and confectionery. But also granola bars, protein bars, and pharmaceutical products. And other food and non-food items, too.

For these and many more, we supply flexible and innovative system solutions. Or develop them for you. Tailor-made. This results, for example, in a wide variety of feeding systems, fold wrapping machines, or horizontal flow wrap machines. Or cartoning machines. It goes without saying that chocolate, food, and other products are always handled with care. You get hermetically sealed wrappers – and, of course, packaging solutions that look good.

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Three whole bars of chocolate lie next to a bar and two single pieces of chocolate
Various individual confectionery lie unpacked next to each other
Two wafers on top of each other next to six stacked cookies
Two white granola bars lie stacked next to three dark bars
Pharmaceuticals packed individually, in trays or in bars
  • Pharmaceuticals

    Thanks to gentle product handling and high production and process quality, your pharma products are given the ideal packaging. Rolled or in cardboard. But always the way you need it.

    • Molded tablets
    • Rolled pharmaceutical products
    • Blisters
    • Other drugs and medicines
Eight products packed in colorful packaging
  • Food and non-food

    Bottles, cheese sticks, stock cubes, erasers: specific products need specific packaging. And that’s what they get with our machines and systems. So your food and non-food products are ideally prepared to become a sales hit.

    • Soup cubes
    • Cheese sticks
    • Bottles
    • Pencils and erasers
    • Petcare products