Tab Gums: the best packaging for the best taste

For freshness on the go

Make every moment a pleasure – by optimally packaging your chewing gum tabs. Our machines and systems make it easy to do just that. Because they ensure maximum tightness and aroma protection. But that’s not all: from the feeder to the display carton, the machines specially designed for tab gums gently and hygienically process your products – for a perfect taste experience every time.

Also want to offer more freshness and chewing pleasure? Then take a look at our chewing gum tab machines and get in touch with us directly.

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Straight to the right solution for your product

Our systems for the packaging process of your tab gums

Flawless operations – at every single step in the packaging process. With our machines and systems, they’re guaranteed. Because we always design them to meet the requirements and needs of your products. This means that chewing gum tabs can be packaged easily, efficiently, and reliably.

Systems for packaging your tab gums

Our fold wrapping machines and horizontal flow wrap machines are extremely flexible when it comes to packaging chewing gum tabs. They’re highly efficient, too. This is because they handle them neatly, grouped in layers, and always geared to the specific product requirements. Format, consistency, and number of tabs – they’re really very adaptable.

  • FGT

    The FGT high-performance horizontal form, fill and seal machine is used for secondary packaging of chewing gum - and impresses with high outputs, packaging up to 800 products per minute.

    lateral general view horizontal flow wrap machine FGT for packaging in three-side-sealed bags

    Horizontal flow wrapping machine for packing chewing gum.

    Particular benefits:

    • Intelligent sealing technology reduces rejects during speed changes (stops/start-ups)
    • Maximum format flexibility with low packaging material costs
    • Various pack styles: lengthwise or crosswise grooved end fins, straight or zigzag cut
    • Ideal system component in a line combination with LoeschPack equipment
    • Space-saving, compact, and modular design


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  • GWT

    As a modular fold wrapping machine with wrapping head, the GWT processes a wide variety of tab gum products. Flexibly and at the highest speeds.

    side general view fold wrapping machine GWT from Loeschpack

    Automatic fold wrapping machine for tab gum

    Particular benefits:

    • Top performance and packaging quality for tab gum
    • Flexible processing of various chewing gum hardness degrees
    • Inline line configuration also possible 
    • Manual or semi-automatic slab feeding devices, or fully automatic feeding with buffer in line combination (optional)


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    Fully automatically, the LRM-DUO fold wrapping machine processes primary packaged and pre-grouped chocolate and chewing gum products in cardboard and cellophane. Thanks to its compact design, it’s also highly efficient.

    lateral general view fold wrapping machine LRM-Duo from Loeschpack

    Twin-station fold machine for chocolate and chewing gum

    Particular benefits:

    • Packs both chocolate products and chewing gum
    • Performs cartoning and cellophane foldwrapping on a compact platform
    • Very flexible for different pack formations thanks to simple format changeover
    • Enables innovative multipacks

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Cartoning systems for your chewing gum tabs

Whether they’re accumulable or not, our cartoning machines pack open display cartons with your tab gums. Tidily and using the wrap-around method.

  • CMC

    Both accumulable and non-accumulable products of all types are reliably filled into open displays by the CMC wrap-around cartoning machine

    Front view cartoning machine CMC from Loeschpack

    Modular wrap-around display cartoner

    Particular benefits:

    • Great format flexibility and toolless format changeover
    • Available in 90-degree or inline version – Right-hand or left-hand configuration possible
    • Excellent hygienic and ergonomic standards thanks to front panel design
    • Maximum performance in the field of “wrap-around” display cartoners 


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  • CMT

    The flexible and powerful CMT cartoningmachine can handle a wide variety of pack formations and layouts – at the extremely impressive speed of up to 1,000 products per minute.

    side view cartoning machine CMT looking at the conveyor belt.

    Top-loading cartoning machine for bars, tablets, cookies, and confectionery.

    Particular benefits:

    • High overall equipment effectiveness
    • Open and closed display cartons
    • Quick and easy format changeovers, vertical startup
    • Different layouts and pack formations possible


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Banderole and overwrapping machines

Singly or pre-grouped: our banderole and overwrapping machines always wrap your chewing gum tablets tightly and reliably. For maximum packaging quality.

  • LCM

    The LCM cellophane wrapping machine wraps cookies, wafers, chocolates, and other food and non-food items. In full wrap and with a tear thread.

    lateral general view cellophane wrapping machine LCM from Loeschpack

    Cellophane wrapping machine for single and multipacks.

    Particular benefits:

    • Second wrapping material possible for band
    • Tight, hermetically sealed packs
    • Multipacks can be produced
    • Easy to open the packs thanks to tear thread with pull tab  


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  • LCM-B

    The LCM-B banderole machine reliably wraps pre-packed products in paper, cardboard, or film. Fully automatically and with a large format range.

    lateral general view cellophane wrapping machine LCM from Loeschpack

    Banderole machine for pre-packed products

    Particular benefits:

    • Large format range available
    • Multipacks can be produced 
    • Improved appearance at the point of sale 
    • High speeds of up to 300 products a minute


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