The LoeschPack story

We make history

The products output by our packaging machines have been admired since 1919 – everywhere in the world. But that’s not all there is to know about LoeschPack. Did you know, for example, that

  • LoeschPack exports around 85 percent of its products?
  • there is a product packaged by us on almost every confectionery shelf in the world?
  • our most remote packaging system is located in Wellington, New Zealand?
  • the daily packaging output of one of our G systems is enough to supply almost every person in Berlin with chewing gum every day?
  • all the chewing gum sticks that one of our G systems packs in a year would reach once around the world if you placed them end to end?

Progress by tradition

Archive picture of the first location of LoeschPack

3 February 1919

Where it all begins: LoeschPack is founded as “Spezialmaschinen Max Loesch” in Zschieren, Dresden on this day. By the businessman Johann Franz Max Loesch, who lends his name to the company, and four skilled workers. Together they start building automated wrapping and packaging machines for the chocolate industry – especially for export to Great Britain.

Archive image of three conveyors belts side by side

The 1920s

The Roaring Twenties. They certainly are for “Spezialmaschinen Max Loesch,” which rapidly becomes established in the packaging market. Successful cooperation with partner companies and the resulting bar molding and packaging machines made this possible.

Group picture in black and white format


A reason to celebrate: the 100th bar wrapping machine is delivered.

Original filling and lidding equipment in different versions


Innovative from the very start: the fully automated spinning machine with filling and covering equipment can now produce filled chocolates and chocolate bars. It’s a win for the packaging market.

Archive picture of the LU3 packaging machine


The LU3 packaging machine for chocolate bars is launched. The special thing about it: it can be used universally, is capable of around 50 packaging variants for different industries, and features a vertical shaft. A successful principle, used in modified form on many machines to the present day.

Archive picture of a packaging machine LU4


The company now has 400 employees – and numbers continue to rise. Development work at “Spezialmaschinen Max Loesch” isn’t standing still, either: the LU4 now packages chocolate bars airtight.

1939 - 1945

Technology instead of chocolate. During the second world war, the company mainly produces devices and gauges for planes and direction finders. Up until February 14, 1945, when both factories are completely destroyed, killing eight employees. But things will get moving again quickly. 50 employees lend a hand – and start rebuilding the company immediately after the German surrender.

Archive picture of the first factory site after the war


A successful new start: back to square one. Despite the expropriation of the company, former employees Erhardt Walther* and Erich Adler are not discouraged. They re-establish the Loesch company in Forchheim/Upper Franconia. With them: ten employees, their belief in themselves, experience from Dresden, and technical know-how.

*It’s worth mentioning that design engineer Erhardt Walther was also the inventor of the pull tab – just one of his more than 300 patents.

New factory building from above


Global demand for packaging machines is growing – and with it the company’s space requirements. A new factory building with 10,000 m² of hall space and almost 100 percent in-house production is built over an area of 32,000 m² in Forchheim. The result: Loesch has one of the most modern factories in the region – and the most innovative packaging machine products.
One example is the LOGIMP/LOGAMAT high-performance chewing gum packaging machine, launched that year. In continuous development to the present day, it remains the basis for modern chewing gum packaging.

High performance chewing gum packing machine in brochure


Loesch continues to enjoy great success. With 250 employees and an export rate of 80 percent. And with automated assembly machines and systems for the furniture industry – which are added to the product range in 1974.

Illustration from an advertising magazine


Following lengthy insolvency proceedings, Piepenbrock Verpackungstechnik takes over Loesch GmbH. The company is reorganized: in Altendorf and with the now familiar colors as Loesch Verpackungstechnik. Modern industrial standards included.

Logo of Loesch Verpackungstechnik


Get to the machines: within just six months, construction work is completed, including the development of the industrial area. Production begins. 48 employees in Forchheim focus on the company’s former core competencies: chocolate and chewing gum packaging machines.

Building in Altendorf from above


Loesch becomes a system supplier. Individual machines are replaced by complete packaging systems. The success speaks for itself: customers around the world rely on dedicated packaging solutions and service from Loesch.

Newspaper clipping about the chewing gum packing machine


Chewing gum is part and parcel of the 1990s – as is the success of Loesch Verpackungstechnik. It develops one of the fastest packaging machines in the world.

Olaf Piepenbrock übernimmt die Geschäftsführung


Olaf Piepenbrock becomes Managing Partner. And as such continues at the helm of Loesch to this day.

Loesch bringt Hochleistungseinwickelmaschine auf den Markt


Record-breaking: our GW01 high-performance wrapping machine for chewing gum. With an output of 2,300 pieces per minute, it is one of the world’s fastest fold wrapping machines of the time.

Loesch tritt mit neuem Logo auf der interpack auf


Modern times. LoeschPack reverts to its old name at interpack – and gets a new logo.

High performance fold wrapping machine LRM with many components


Things happen quickly – especially with the LRM high-performance fold wrapping machine for chocolate products. It can manage 450 items a minute. And the new LHW fold wrapping machine for sugar-coated chewing gum tabs produces a full 400 bars a minute.

Group photo of LoeschPack employees


35 years of development at headquarters – 35 years of modern production. The site is gradually expanded: production, assembly, office, and training buildings are added and enlarged.

View of the illuminated entrance hall of Loeschpack


Expansion, part two: building on success, an office wing is newly constructed and the assembly hall is expanded.

Close-up of LRK display cartoning system


LoeschPack’s display cartoning system goes modular – with the new LRK.

LOKEM-S high speed trayloading system transports confectionery products


On the packaging highway: the LOKEM-S high-speed trayloading system packs 2,000 items per minute and machine. Also launched: the latest generation of the paternoster buffer system.

cutout of the German packaging award.


Award-winning packaging: the Deutsche Verpackungsinstitut (DVI) gives the 2015 German Packaging Award to the LRM-DUO. The reason: it combines the properties of a cartoning machine and a cellophane wrapping machine on a compact, high-performance platform. That’s not just space-saving, it’s also efficient – requiring only a minimum of operating personnel.

Employees of LoeschPack at the interpack in Düsseldorf.


In from the start – that’s LoeschPack. Not only in the packaging industry, but also at interpack. The international trade fair for packaging. Always in the bag: the highlights in the premium packaging machine market from LoeschPack.

Drawing of an anniversary celebration


Innovative by tradition – now for 100 years. In the future, too, we are aware of the past. Always ready to break new ground, to find new packaging solutions.