Buffering, feeding, and distribution systems

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To ensure that chocolates, cookies, wafers, and bars arrive at their packaging in an orderly fashion, maximum accuracy, precise controls, and gentle product handling are required. Especially with large throughput volumes, production peaks, and fluctuations in output. It’s good to know that our buffering, feeding, and distribution systems are designed precisely for this. 

With buffers, chicane conveyors, vibratory feeders, and individually tailored solutions, our machines harmonize and regulate the product flow. The result: smooth feeding and better overall line efficiency.

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FDB series

Our flexible FDB-series buffer, feeding, and distribution systems can do many things – but one above all: ensure that your production runs economically. For example, by efficiently feeding the other packaging machines downstream of molding and enrobing systems. In molds or in rows, intermittently or continuously. In all format and speed ranges. Everything runs smoothly – and fully automatically – for tablets, bars, and small or round products.


    As a flexible feeding and distribution system, the fully automatic LOMATIC feeds downstream packaging machines highly efficiently.

    side view of Lomatic feeding and distribution system for chocolate tablets and chocolate bars

    Feed and distribution system

    Particular benefits:

    • Machine solution designed to meet specific customer requirements
    • Stations discharge in both directions
    • Minimized row and block offset
    • System can be scaled up as required at a later date – thanks to modular design
    • Open design for ideal accessibility
    • Direct integration of belt buffers possible


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    The LOOP-GB buffer system buffers a wide variety of products and discharges them in a regulated manner. Packaged or unpackaged.

    Detail of the gondola storage system Loop GB from Loeschpack

    Gondola storage system with buffer and product flow control

    Particular benefits:

    • Toolless gondola and belt changes– large, variable format range
    • Vibration-reducing machine and software design – ideal system component for boosting line OEE 
    • Intelligent high-performance feeding combined with gentle product handling


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Optimum flow

With our flexible and automatic feeding systems, we get your products in the right position. This is because they are designed to be adaptable to specific product requirements. For example, with any number of discharge stations, several standard widths, or by processing complete mold contents – with separation of rows – in the discharge stations. Hygienically and economically. Thanks to maximum availability. In addition, our buffer systems allow us to increase the efficiency of the entire production line and regulate the production flow.
Whether for a multilevel or gondola storage system, our LOOP buffer system is specially designed to meet the requirements of large-scale production lines for bars, chocolate, and other confectionery products.

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Feeding, distributing, and buffering is just one step in the packaging process. We offer machines and systems for the entire process.

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