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Sophisticated packaging for food such as chewing gum, chocolate, and other confectionery – no problem with our flexible fold wrapping machines. They can handle a wide variety of formats, folding styles, and packaging materials. Economically and efficiently. Even with unusual shapes.

In this way, we guarantee that – no matter what the product – each is given its ideal packaging: twisted, folded, or sealed. The folding box and wrapping head take care of that. For maximum protection, top quality, and the perfect presentation of your product.

We deliver the right wrapper – thanks to our many years of experience in packaging machine construction. Get in touch for personalized advice today.

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L series

Our L series fold wrapping machines are all equipped with a folding box. It can be used to package almost any type and shape of chocolate bar or Napolitain efficiently and eye-catchingly. Singly or as a multipack. In paper, foil, or cellophane. With inner and outer wrap.

From flat blanks or reels, the fold wrapping solution guides the packaging material and product to the folding box. Upper and lower dies ensure that everything goes the right way: they stay in a defined position relative to each other. For a precise fold. After all, that’s what’s needed for quality packaging at the highest speeds.


    Fully automatically, the LRM-DUO fold wrapping machine processes primary packaged and pre-grouped chocolate and chewing gum products in cardboard and cellophane. Thanks to its compact design, it’s also highly efficient.

    lateral general view fold wrapping machine LRM-Duo from Loeschpack

    Twin-station fold machine for chocolate and chewing gum

    Particular benefits:

    • Packs both chocolate products and chewing gum
    • Performs cartoning and cellophane foldwrapping on a compact platform
    • Very flexible for different pack formations thanks to simple format changeover
    • Enables innovative multipacks

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  • LRM-S

    The LRM-S fold wrapping machine packs chocolate, cookies, wafers, and similar food products in one or two packaging materials in a particularly gentle way.

    side view of the chocolate fold wrapping machine LRM-S from Loeschpack

    Automatic fold wrapper machine for chocolate

    Particular benefits:

    • Processes different wrapping materials
    • Offers maximum format and pack style flexibility
    • Packs products in one or two packaging materials, also glued or sealed
    • Also available in a twin-lane version with up to 1,150 products per minute


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  • LTM

    Extremely adaptable in terms of format range and packaging material, the LTM fold wrapping machine processes rectangular chocolates and confectionery efficiently and in a space-saving manner. It’s the compact design of the complete system that makes this possible.

    Side view fold wrapping machine LTM for rectangular confectionery from Loeschpack

    Fold wrapping machine for chocolate bars

    Particular benefits:

    • Processes two packaging materials on one station
    • Great packaging material and format flexibility with low setup costs
    • Low space requirements and very attractive value for money
    • Wide range of folding and closing options


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    From small to maxi: The LTM-DUO twin-station fold wrapping machine packs chocolate products of all kinds. Even those with nuts.

    lateral general view of the LTM-Duo fold wrapping machine from Loeschpack

    Twin-station fold wrapping machine for chocolate

    Particular benefits:

    • Also processes biodegradable packaging foil
    • Also packs whole-nut chocolate bars
    • Maximum overall performance in two-stage fold wrapping


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  • LTM-DUO combined line

    The three-stage fold wrapping machine LTM-DUO combiline offers particularly efficient production - and therefore the perfect system solution.

    side view of the three-stage fold wrapping machine LTM-DUO combination line

    Three-stage fold wrapping machine for chocolate bars

    Special advantages:

    • maximum output and efficiency in three-stage packaging
    • Common control system and one HMI
    • Space-saving and compact design
    • High flexibility for different packaging styles and box variants
    • Quick and easy format changeover with safe restart
    • high standard of hygiene and ergonomics thanks to complete separation of drive and product areas
    • Optimum ergonomics and accessibility of the entire line
    • Long maintenance intervals


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G series

Our fold wrapping solution for chewing gum products ensure a fresh taste. No matter what their consistency and shape. The wrapping head’s ingenious folding technology always ensures a high-quality wrap for sticks and tab gum. Grouped and optionally banded, they are always tightly packaged. Single packs as well as multipacks. At high to the very highest speeds. It’s all accounted for.

  • GWS

    The GWS horizontal fold wrapping machine reliably packs chewing gum at high speeds – as individual sticks and in multipacks. Quickly and continuously.

    side general view fold wrapping machine GWS from Loeschpack

    Automatic fold wrapping system for traditional chewing gum single sticks

    Particular benefits:

    • Excellent single-stick packaging with zigzag or straight cut.
    • Flexible for traditional multipacks and modern carton multipacks
    • Fully automatic cut-and-wrap feeding possible 
    • Manual or semi-automatic slab feeding devices, or fully automatic feeding with buffer in line combination (optional) 


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  • GWS-M

    The high-end solution for chewing gum products: the servo-driven GWS-M fold wrapping machine processes chewing gum sticks continuously and tightly. For the best packaging quality.

    side general view fold wrapping machine GWS-M from Loeschpack

    Fold wrapping system for chewing gum sticks

    Particular benefits:

    • Optimized high-end solution in the mid-speed segment
    • Maximum performance and efficiency in the segment
    • Increased production reliability through automatic ejection of faulty packs


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  • GWT

    As a modular fold wrapping machine with wrapping head, the GWT processes a wide variety of tab gum products. Flexibly and at the highest speeds.

    side general view fold wrapping machine GWT from Loeschpack

    Automatic fold wrapping machine for tab gum

    Particular benefits:

    • Top performance and packaging quality for tab gum
    • Flexible processing of various chewing gum hardness degrees
    • Inline line configuration also possible 
    • Manual or semi-automatic slab feeding devices, or fully automatic feeding with buffer in line combination (optional)


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R series

From double-twist wrapping to five-end-fold sealing and hermetically tight folds: our fold and seal machines with wrapping head from the R series pack round confectionery products in a wide variety of ways. Fruit gums and pressed candy, for example, but also small chocolate products and bars. As single packs or multipacks of pre-packed products. From medium to the highest speeds, they roll or wrap them – with open or glued longitudinal seams – in one or two packing materials. Gently, of course, with great packaging tightness, and with a premium look.

  • RCB

    The RCB horizontal fold wrapping machine packs small chocolate products hermetically and at high speeds.

    General view fold wrapping machine RCB-HS for candy bars from Loeschpack

    Fold wrapping machine with wrapping head for Napolitains, bars and small tablets

    Particular benefits:

    • Seals packs completely without hot-setting glue
    • No product contact thanks to sealing – seals only film against film
    • Active cooling in the sealing element zone to protect product from radiant heat – optional
    • Maximum availability thanks to minimized start-up times, short setup times and format changeovers, and quick and easy cleaning


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  • RPM

    With its wrapping head, the RPM fold wrapping machine processes small products of all kinds: round, molded, and coated. Gently in single packs or multipacks.

    side general view fold wrapping machine with wrapping head from Loeschpack

    Compact fold wrapping machine for roll packs

    Particular benefits:

    • Vibratory feeding that is gentle on the product
    • Optimized footprint for minimized space requirements 
    • Special designs for unusual product shapes and characteristics
    • Second wrapping material possible for band
    • Quick and easy format changeover for other pack contents


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  • RPM-S

    The RPM-S automatic fold wrapping machine packs round and tablet-shaped products in hermetically sealed rolls in a particularly gentle way. – Unique worldwide.

    side view fold wrapping machine RPM-S from Loeschpack for confectionery

    Automatic fold wrapping machine for roll packs

    Particular benefits:

    • Extremely gentle product handling: vibratory feeding, reduced touch points, sealing only film against film
    • High format and pack style flexibility
    • Tightly sealed roll packs
    • Highest speeds


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Fold wrapping machines - completely customized

Great flexibility and maximum performance – that’s what distinguishes our fold wrapping machines. And the fact that they’re suitable for every product. To make sure of this, our packaging machines are also custom-tailored. To your needs and product requirements.

This results in efficient solutions and complete systems that harmonize perfectly – with upstream feeding systems as well as with downstream multipack machines and display cartoning machines. Because all our fold wrapping machines are one thing: flexible, economical, and uncompromising in quality. For success.

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