Fold wrapping machine with wrapping head

Packaging Napolitains, bars, and small tablets

As a high-performance fold wrapper, the RCB combines all the advantages of the traditional fold wrap with those of a hermetically sealed flow pack. In the high-performance range, it packs up to 600 small chocolate products per minute – and even up to 800 with open folding. It makes no difference whether the product is a regular bar, a small bar, a tablet, or a Napolitain. The result is always convincing with a premium look – and always with great tightness. This is ensured by the foil-against-foil sealed fold wrap. For perfect product protection – from environmental influences, for example. And for an improved taste and texture. Thanks to its compact design, the RCB also requires very little space at the installation site. Small things can be this good with our fold wrapping machine.

Particular benefits:

  • Seals packs completely without hot-setting glue
  • No product contact thanks to sealing – seals only film against film
  • Active cooling in the sealing element zone to protect product from radiant heat – optional
  • Maximum availability thanks to minimized start-up times, short setup times and format changeovers, and quick and easy cleaning

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"Rethinking the fold wrap – the RCB combines the advantages of a fold wrapping machine with those of a flow wrapping machine in the HS version: hermetically sealed packages with maximum performance are the result. With open fold wrap, it actually achieves speeds of up to 800 products per minute in the S version."

Christoph Bächmann Project Manager at LoeschPack

Solution for your products

Performance and efficiency

Boost your success with the RCB:

  • short format changeover times of approximately one hour, depending on the format change – without any tools at all
  • long service and cleaning intervals
  • highest ergonomic and hygienic standards thanks to excellent maintenance and cleaning accessibility
  • efficient, high-performance starwheel feeding combined with gentle product handling
  • sealing involving only film against film and no product contact
  • use of only one packaging material
  • space-saving, compact design
  • perfectly coordinated packaging systems from a single source – from feeding to secondary packaging to end-of-line packaging

One for every packaging need

To ensure that your chocolate products are ideally and suitably packaged, we have tailored our RCB to individual requirements. With the RCB-H, RCB-S, and RCB-HS versions, the fold wrapping machine for small chocolate products meets all primary packaging needs: With a large format and tightly sealed, our RCB-H packs 450 products per minute. With small formats and open folding, the RCB-S manages 800 products per minute. The RCB-HS packs up to 600 items per minute – in a small format and tightly sealed.

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