Tray loader and tray loading systems "Made in Germany"

Use tray loaders and tray loading machines from LoeschPack to point your dry baked goods in the right direction – quickly and gently straight into their packaging. The equipment offers ideal efficiency: Biscuits and wafersare quickly and very gently placed into preformedtrays. Upright, shingled or flat on one and the same machine.LoeschPack has the right solution for every tray loadingtask: The T-Series tray loaders are suitable for single- ormulti-row trays with one or more items per compartment,for round or rectangular cakes and biscuits.Depending on the version selected, the T-Series canpack up to 500 products a minute in one lane. The sixlanepremium version can pack up to 3,000 products aminute.

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Your benefits with tray loaders and tray loading machines from LoeschPack

  • Gentle product handling, especially for sensitive products
  • Intelligent feeding enables higher output
  • Maximum flexibility for a wide range of tray and pack formations