interpack 2023 - Efficiency for sustainability

13.02.2023, Altendorf/Lahnau

Complete lines from one source: LoeschPack presents new packaging solutions at interpack 2023

From May 4 to May 10, 2023, LoeschPack will be presenting its complete systems for efficient and sustainable packaging at interpack, the world’s leading industry trade fair, in Düsseldorf. Together with sister company Hastamat, the Franconian packaging machine manufacturer will be showing a wide range of innovations from its portfolio – for the first time in Hall 14, Booth C22.

With its bar line and its combined line, LoeschPack is presenting several integrated packaging solutions to the trade audience at once: from primary packaging to the sales tray. The spotlight will be on new pack styles that use sustainable and recyclable materials. “We want to help our customers pack their products faster, more sustainably, and more efficiently,” says Olaf Piepenbrock, Managing Partner of LoeschPack, Hastamat, and parent company Piepenbrock. “We achieve this with our new, high-performance packaging lines, their ease of handling, and our packaging process, which is perfectly tailored to the product. This is our way of continuing to live up to our corporate promise of ‘> Packaging your ideas...’ to a global audience.”

Innovative bar packaging line

The packaging machine manufacturer has completely rethought the principle of horizontal flow wrap packaging – and developed a modular packaging line: from the buffer via the feeder, the bar packed in the flow pack arrives ready for the sales tray. And all the production steps are carried out from a single source. For this completely new development, LoeschPack focused on a hygienic design, simple operation, and a small footprint. All machines are equipped with the new “easyMI” HMI (Human-Machine Interface) with an 18.5-inch touchscreen. Clear, simple visualizations and shortcuts ensure that users are fully supported at all times. Machine operators and maintenance personnel can now operate the machines more easily and access a wide range of control and performance components. They are also assisted by a new mobile service app that makes it much easier to contact our service specialists through a secure connection should the need ever arise. It’s an attractive overall package – and equipped with everything needed for flexible and efficient production.

Buffer, feed, and smoothly distribute bars

Whether for a multilevel or gondola buffer system, the LOOP buffer system is specially designed to meet the requirements of large-scale production for bars and other confectionery products. With integrated storage systems, LoeschPack is succeeding in increasing efficiency and regulating production flow. The system is directly linked to the latest-generation LOMATIC, a feeding and distribution system designed for all speed ranges. In addition to chocolate, the machine also processes cookies, wafers, and granola bars. Row by row, the LOMATIC feeds the downstream packaging machines – at a speed of up to 190 rows per minute. From Napolitains to 300-gram bars. The design is optimized for running accuracy, a long service life, easy cleaning, and simple and fast size changeovers.

Performance, flexibility, and quality combined in one machine

At the heart of the bar system is the redesigned FHW-S flow wrapping machine from the LoeschPack F-series. The system, which is optimized for speed and efficiency, is suitable for both cold seal and heat seal applications. With its high-performance infeed, the machine packs up to 2,100 bars or slabs at 205 film meters per minute. Dr. Ferdinand Schwarzfischer, who heads up the development team from Altendorf, explains the benefits: “The machine not only packs products extremely quickly, it is also flexible when it comes to the packaging material: both traditional and alternative packaging materials can be used on the platform without any problems. And changeovers require nothing more than the push of a button.” The existing flow wrapping machines were central to this development: “Our F-series allowed us to gain much valuable experience on the market, which we’re now giving back. The FHW-S represents the perfect balance between uncompromising performance, flexibility, and perfect packaging quality,” says Schwarzfischer.

Space-saving top loading cartoning system

The fully revised CMT packs the incoming bars from the FHW-S horizontal flow wrapping machine in cardboard. The highly flexible top loading cartoning system from the LoeschPack C-series is space-saving and suitable for secondary packaging of a wide variety of pre-packed products for the confectionery, food, and non-food sectors. The particularly powerful application straightens up the flat carton blanks and both fills and seals them. Considering the speed performance, the required space and footprint of the toploader are very small. The CMT can handle an infeed of up to 1,000 products per minute at its maximum speed – with a maximum output of up to 200 cartons. The incoming products from the flow wrapping machine are turned 90 degrees with a simple turning device, decelerated, and fed to the racetrack. And it is not just size changeovers that are easy: the machine is also easily accessible to operators for cleaning and maintenance work. The cable routing within the base frame ensures an uncluttered design. No matter whether the customer needs a high-speed inline variant, a traditional 90-degree infeed, or dual-lane infeed, the CMT is available in versions that reflect these requirements. This rounds off LoeschPack’s product range in the field of cartoning.

LTM-DUO combined line system solution

With the LTM-DUO combined line, LoeschPack is presenting the trade audience its integrated, flexible, and fully comprehensive system solution for packaging chocolate bars. The successful LTM-DUO model combines perfect packaging and machines with a high degree of automation, low personnel requirements, and a small footprint. The flexible LTM-DUO fold wrapping machine packs more than 200 chocolate bars per minute in a tightly sealed primary wrap. The outer wrap of the chocolate bar can be a paper label from a stack or reel, or it can be a cardboard label. The machine is joined by the CMW cartoning module. The machine fills 30 display cartons per minute – for perfect product presentation on the supermarket shelf. An integrated buffer between the primary packaging and cartoning stages prevents product rejects in the event of downtime. Only one hot glue device and a controller with the new HMI are required for the entire line. This has a positive effect on procurement costs and parts procurement. In addition, the complete system can be operated by a single person who can keep an eye on operating conditions at all times. The system’s compact design takes up significantly less space than comparable layouts. This makes the combined line significantly more cost-effective than a configuration with two stand-alone machines. The CMW cartoning module can be flexibly combined – and is also available as a stand-alone version. This means, for example, that it can be operated in a layout with two upstream fold wrapping or flow wrapping machines. In the future, an upgrade kit will also be available, allowing an older LTM-DUO to be easily combined with the new system.

Precisely dosing and packaging stackable chips fully automatically

The packaging machine manufacturer will be showing its new stackable chips packaging line; a revolutionary machine concept. The Hastamat SCA series packages stackable chips fully automatically and thus hygienically, reliably and efficiently – from feeding, to dosing and filling the packaging. "The line fills and processes the cans with servo control. Thanks to its unique weighing technology, the SCA doses stackable chips extremely precisely: give-away and product waste are prevented", Marco Hinter, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hastamat, explains. The machines processes the brittle products particularly gently. When it comes to can sizes and shapes the SCA is flexible and allows individual customer requirements to be implemented. The products can even be packaged in trays. At the same time, the line is very easy to clean: The parts which come into contact with the product, can be removed without tools.

Packaging sticks and snacks in tubular bags at record speed

With its high-speed packaging machine for sticks and snacks, Hastamat will be presenting further innovative technology which is engineered for speed and continuous production. A cascade with servo motors makes sure that the machine packages products with small portions and weights in tubular bags at record-breaking speed. "The line manages up to 150 bags of sticks per minute and up to 250 bags of bulk goods", Hinter says. Thanks to its compact design, it is also a space-saving packaging solution. When a reel of film has been used up, the material change works fully automatically thanks to auto-splicing. The user can prepare the reel during production – the machine keeps running. The printer which prints the best before date using a laser, facilitates a continuous packaging process. At the same time, the size parts of the machine can be changed flexibly and quickly. A self-diagnosis tool with OPC-UA connection prevents wear and provides the operator with support for maintenance.