Cartoning machine CMT

High-performance top loading cartoning system for secondary packaging of various food and non-food products.


The CMT (Cartoner for Multipacks Toploading) high-performance cartoning machine combines excellent flexibility with maximised performance in a highly compact design. The modular top loading cartoning system offers customers ideal layout freedom during integration in their peripheral plant equipment. With suitable products, the new platform can handle up to 1,500 products a minute during infeed. The CMT then generates a range of pack formations with an output of up to 150 cartons a minute and reliably handles both accumulable and non-accumulable products. In the platform layout, modules decoupled via an electromagnetic shuttle system enable a huge range of machine versions. The main segments of “erecting carton”, “filling”, “sealing lid” and “carton discharge” apply a modular concept and are supported by a flexible base frame. Each shuttle can be separately controlled and – depending on the behaviour of the other shuttles – precisely positioned. The CMT can easily handle traditional layouts such as “in-line”, “90°” or “counterflow”.

Packing these products:

Sweets verpacken Icon




Non food


Kaugummi verpacken Icon

Chewing gum



Dauerbackwaren verpacken Icon

Dry baked goods

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • High-performance smart product infeed
  • Time-optimised subprocesses with electromagnetic iTRAK shuttle system
  • Optimised robot kinematics coupled with the latest servo technology
  • 100% carton check
  • iTRAK and the latest technology as the prerequisites for easy changes to flexible systems
  • Intelligent size parts: control function for correct mounting and matching size parts
  • Largely toolless size and belt change
  • Short changeover times, fully reproducible settings, stable restart, minimised start-up issues
  • Outstanding maintenance and cleaning accessibility to all working areas
  • Highest hygiene standards: easy and time-saving cleaning at long intervals
  • Reliability thanks to top quality standards; long service intervals
  • Low-maintenance overall design
  • Large touchscreen panel for all key information and inputs

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