Fold wrapping machine LRM-HS for hermetically sealed chocolate

The LRM-HS is an automatic fold wrapping machine for air tight and hermetically sealed chocolate products. The compact fold wrapping machine for a performance range of up to 450 products per minute. Without sealing, the LRM-HS is even capable of outputting up to 600 products per minute. The machine is mainly used in the confectionery industry and wraps enrobed and formed chocolate bars and tablets, small tablets or napolitains, wafers and other similar products. Preferably in combination with LoeschPack LRM-DUO or LTM-K-SA for multipacks.


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Special advantages of the hermetic sealing machine:

  • Hermatically sealed package/air tight packaging in fold wrap appearance
  • Free choice between hermetically sealing and classic envelope packaging
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Very fast, easy change-over

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Customer benefits with our fold wrapping machine for hermetically sealed chocolate products

  • Free choice between hermetically sealing/air tight and classic envelope packaging
  • Well-established, highly modern machine concept specially for chocolate products
  • Easy access to all sections
  • Servo drives for product and wrapping material infeed
  • Large touch panel for full visualization of all functions and machine states
  • Modular built, robust machine construction in front plate design
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Different types of fold wraps
  • Very fast, easy change-over
  • Very high speed and wide size range
  • High hygiene standard by separation of drive and product areas
  • Gentle product transport by continuous conveyor belts and separation
  • Quick cleaning and maintenance through optimum accessibility

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