Fold wrapping machine LOGAMAT-S

Packaging machine for chewing gum sticks – individual packs and multipacks


The servo-driven LOGAMAT-S fold wrapping machine packs traditional chewing gum sticks at high speeds of up to 1,500 sticks a minute. Single chewing gum sticks are continuously wrapped in paper-backed aluminium foil, stacked and then wrapped in a paper sleeve. Alternatively, the products are transferred to a downstream multipack cartoning machine from LoeschPack to produce innovative packaging styles.


Special advantages:

  • Optimised high-end solution in the midspeed segment
  • Top performance and efficiency in its segment
  • Ideal system component when combining machines for innovative multipacks 

Packing these products:

Kaugummi verpacken Icon

Chewing gum

Customer benefits: our success key factors

  • High performance of up to 1,500 sticks a minute with a simultaneous increase in efficiency was primarily achieved by switching from intermittent to continuous operation in the high-speed section (single stick packaging). Automatic reel changers for all packaging materials (option) enable a further considerable increase in perfor- mance.
  • The reduction in processing speeds brought about by this change enables more gentle product handling and is an advantage with difficult chewing gum types.
  • Continuously operating packaging material feeders (servo-controlled) increase accuracy of processing through the machine. The rake transports installed in the multipack area improve packaging quality while maintaining good tightness. Automatic ejection of faulty packs increases production reliability.
  • The servo-driven multipack area is extremely flexible and enables a change to the pack content within 20 minutes.
  • The machine meets requirements for good ergonomics. Many details related to cleaning and fault clearance high- light Loesch’s decades of experience in packaging chewing gum. The large touchscreen panel gives the operator all the important information he or she requires.
  • Overall, the LOGAMAT-S is designed to require little maintenance. Continuous operation reduces mechanical wear. The fully enclosed drive area with large service doors meets the particular requirements that apply when packaging chewing gum.

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